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Is the Magnitone London Bareface any good?

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ThanksForAllTheFish Mon 12-Sep-16 09:40:15

I've been wanting a clarisonic for a while but it's out of my price range for the moment (it's been a though financial year for us).
The Magnitone London Bareface appears to be very similar in the way it works with the brush centre only moving, the 20 second beep etc.

Does anyone have this and what do you think of it?

The Magnitone website has them on sale for £50 (a patterned one and yellow one) and I am very tempted. My birthday is next month so I was thinking of asking for this as my present. I just don't want to get it and then be disappointed. I have issues with spot breakouts on my chin, clogged pores and redness.

Would I be better to just save up for a clarisonic?

rebber Tue 13-Sep-16 12:10:55


I've been using Magnitone for the past couple of years when I also did some research for cheaper options of Clarisonic.

I love it. I haven't used a Clarisonic so can't do a proper comparison but I find Magnitone to do such a good job and cost so much less that I'm delighted.

I use it daily and I'm so reliant on it not to keep my skin under control. It was especially helpful during and after pregnancy when my hormones were wreaking havoc on my skin! It's really gentle (I got one of their sensitive brush heads while I was pregnant and my skin was more sensitive) and so effective.

I'd wholly recommend it. Washing my face with my hands or a face cloth just doesn't work for my any more.

justilou Tue 13-Sep-16 19:42:06

I bought a fake/factory second clarisonic on It's perfect. Was about £25 and I haven't had a problem.

justilou Tue 13-Sep-16 19:42:14

Look up Mia

ThanksForAllTheFish Wed 14-Sep-16 16:44:35

Pleased to hear it's good rebber. I'm swaying towards buying it now. I just didn't want to waste my money if it wasn't any good. I've been on YouTube watching reviews but I'm always sceptical that youtube people/ bloggers are sponsored to say it's good rather than genuinly thinking it's good.

I had a look on justilou and it's very tempting at those prices, but I'm very nervous about buying replica electronics. I had a fake iPhone charger turn black/ half melt on me before and it's really put me off. I'd rather get one from the uk with a warranty.

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