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Help me sort my hair out!

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LittlestB Sun 28-Aug-16 17:05:33

Am having a hair crisis and I'm in desperate need of help to decide what to do with it!

Am getting married next summer and at the moment have no hair style to speak of. So want to sort it out well in advance of the big day and also to just generally look more groomed.

My hair isn't awful, it's just nothing really. Years of dark brown box dye (one over the other, no root retouched), shoulder length. Fine ish but not too bad, mostly straight but with a tendency to flick out at the ends. Growing fringe out, so it's currently about 4 inches long.

Am 28, trying to lose another 3 stone so fairly plump of face. Pale skin, blue eyes.

Would love some ideas of what to do with it - mostly the colour tbh as I want something more interesting but not sure how to go about it!


WhatInTheWorld76 Sun 28-Aug-16 17:10:21

Hilights and/or layers? Have a look on Pinterest to see what you like and look at past photos to see what suited you best or what you preffered. Think about maintenance too!

LittlestB Sun 28-Aug-16 17:19:28

I definitely think layers is a good idea, the last lady who cut my hair just lopped a load off the bottom and it's got no shape whatsoever.

Would highlights work on top of all the brown dye??

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