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Nativitylobster Tue 16-Aug-16 20:59:20

My mum wants some new perfume for her birthday. I don't wear it, I have no idea what's good etc but I want to get her something different from what she normally uses but I don't know where to start. She likes Eden, anais anais and has a bottle of bamboo for special occasions. What can i buy her that she will like. Help me!!

Nativitylobster Wed 17-Aug-16 09:09:43


gasman Wed 17-Aug-16 09:44:30

I think you need to take her shopping as scent is so personal.
What is your budget? If £100+ Penhaligons will make a huge fuss of her and do scent matching.
They also generally give you loads of freebies... I'm a regular but not massively spendy customer as the perfume I now like only comes as perfume so I only buy perfume and not the matching body stuff.

wobblywonderwoman Wed 17-Aug-16 09:47:03

I recently bought Hypnotic Poison and it is gorgeous

Loyly Wed 17-Aug-16 09:54:21

As the perfumes your mum already wears are white florals and quite fresh - you could try the very lovely Elie Saab L'Eau Couture (it's the green coloured one).

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