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Help! Swimwear hunt

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SerenDippitee Tue 09-Aug-16 10:13:53

We're going away next week and I need something to wear in the pool. I am big of boob, long of body, and currently quite fat. I would normally go to bravissimo but I am losing weight at the moment and can't justify £50-odd on something that won't fit in a month or two.

So my plan is to wear an old bra underneath a tankini. I need a totally plain black (or other dark colour) tankini top, with no wiring or padding, long enough in the body to cover my tummy and available in a size 22ish. Basically a black vest made from swimwear fabric.

Is this impossible?!

redmimi Tue 09-Aug-16 11:52:44

I've recently ordered a couple of these blouson style tankini tops and am happy with them.,size:

leedy Tue 09-Aug-16 12:44:52

Not sure about plain tankini tops but another possibility for getting the sort of stuff you get in Bravissimo for cheap is Ebay - a lot of the outlet lingerie stores sell through it and they often have last season's stock for less than half price, so wouldn't be so painful when it no longer fits. Might be worth sticking your current size in and seeing what they have?

DianaT1969 Tue 09-Aug-16 17:26:39

This tankini top in size 24 is £5 in clearance sale. Non wired.

DianaT1969 Tue 09-Aug-16 17:27:00

Forgot the link

SerenDippitee Tue 09-Aug-16 19:01:40

redmimi they look very promising - thank you.

diana BRILLIANT find! thank you.

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