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Bravissimo Code

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Pupsiecola Tue 02-Aug-16 10:47:41

Never bought from them before. Anyone have a code please?

Botanicbaby Tue 02-Aug-16 10:49:39

They've got a sale on at the moment.

Don't know if any discount codes, sorry.

Pupsiecola Tue 02-Aug-16 11:12:31

Thanks. Unfortunately none of the items in my basket are in the sale :-(

A1Sharon Tue 02-Aug-16 12:16:12

Golly, Ive been shareholderpping with them for years but now you mention it, I don't think they do discount codes.
But the sales are good.
Also, when you buy 10 bras you can then pick a free bra of your choice.
Obviously that is 10 bras over time,grin!

A1Sharon Tue 02-Aug-16 12:16:42

shopping, not shareholderpping, whatever that is.

dottyaboutstripes Tue 02-Aug-16 12:59:34

I'm going to guess you could find the bras cheaper elsewhere - I find Bravissimo pricey and their sale prices are always higher than elsewhere

Pupsiecola Tue 02-Aug-16 23:09:31

Thank you. I actually ordered a tankini and two dresses rather than bras :-)

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