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Anyone know where these bridesmaids dresses are from??

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FindingNemo99 Wed 27-Jul-16 10:50:23

My daughter really likes these bridesmaids dresses but we can't find the make or where they were from - tried google images and other searches but nothing.
Anyone any ideas - or do you think they were made to order?

ThisUserNameIsAlreadyTaken Wed 27-Jul-16 15:53:32


ilod27 Wed 27-Jul-16 16:34:43

These look similar, I can't see that colour though.

FindingNemo99 Wed 27-Jul-16 17:46:29

Thank you both - definitely looks like the Kelsey Rose one but we do like the other one as well - thanks ladies

dontcallmelen Wed 27-Jul-16 20:11:17

I second Kelseyrose they are expensive though, but very pretty.

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