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Botox - how can you tell when it's fully worn off??

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wantingresults Tue 12-Jul-16 14:47:42

I got botox a little over three months ago but got some odd new lines appearing that I don't think were there before. I have been waiting for it to wear off as I found a new doctor who thinks he can get a better result next time around. But I can't figure out how you know when it's fully worn off. The "new" lines are still there which makes me think it hasn't but I think some of the lines that the botox got ride of may have started to come back. It's hard to tell though as I got a very small amount so the area wasn't perfectly line free and I'm also in my mid 30s so didn't have really heavy lines to begin with. I can't remember how bad I was before! And maybe the new lines have become permanent and will remain even when the stuff is out of my system?! Is there any scientific way to tell?

wantingresults Tue 12-Jul-16 14:48:50

I should add that I've read it takes 3 to 6 months to wear off depending on your metabolism and mine is annoyingly slow so I'd have guessed it might be neared to 6 months...

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