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Jewellery (necklace) advice please

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ThornyBird Sun 10-Jul-16 17:03:37

The brief is a necklace that will last (presumably not date), biggish/chunky so can be worn over clothes. I think the idea is she can wear it daily. It's a 40th birthday gift.

Recipient normally prefers reds to blues, engagement/wedding/eternity rings are platinum. She has a fairly senior position within a rather staid organisation. Budget is £50ish - can go a bit higher for the perfect necklace.

Please can any advise as this is so far out of my area of knowledge/expertise/comfort I have been ignoring that I need to get one for about 2 months so far...

Thank you smile

evelynj Mon 11-Jul-16 00:05:03

Hmmm, you need a decent big beady necklace Id say. The main thing would be something with a gift receipt that she can return. Necklaces are so personal. Also I'd have a look at petrified wood & see if you thinj she'd like that. It's mycurrent fave smile

ThornyBird Mon 11-Jul-16 07:37:54

Thanks Evelyn, I would agree that it's a personal thing which is why I'm stuck! I'll take a look at petrified wood later today.

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