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Fillers north west

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ginorwine Thu 30-Jun-16 09:03:38

I travelled to a clinic in Manchester t day but decided not to go ahead as I have unexpected job interview today .
I'm trying to find a good clinician for fillers north of Manchester - have been to Alderly edge and Manchester but find both difficult to drive to or within .
Any excellent clinics around Preston or even a bit more north such as Lancaster or kendke pkease ?

ginorwine Thu 30-Jun-16 09:04:12

Kendal !

YellowOlives Thu 30-Jun-16 20:52:15

Would Ramsbottom work for you? If so I recommend Rachel Goddard.

ginorwine Thu 30-Jun-16 21:47:58

What is she like ? Wil look in the map !

YellowOlives Fri 01-Jul-16 08:53:34

I like her. Well qualified. I've only had Botox, not fillers, but I know she does them. I did quite a bit of research at first and decided to go to her. No pressure, explains procedure well and then given follow up appointment if you want it.

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