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Mandelic salicylic acid peel for brown skin?

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HomerSimpsonsStubble Tue 28-Jun-16 21:46:34

I'm wondering if anyone with brown/black skin has used this before and how it went?

I suffer from hyperpigmentation around my lips and forehead. For years I thought it was because of because of my lip hair (I'm so beauty challenged!), but now I have none (thanks to Philips lumea) and still have this horrible shadow around my lips and chin. It doesn't help that my cheeks, nose, eyes and rest of body are a much much lighter complexion.

I've bought some Mandelic and salicyclic acid from eBay to use on my skin and am hoping it gets rid of it. Anyone else used it before?

HomerSimpsonsStubble Wed 29-Jun-16 06:41:19


HomerSimpsonsStubble Wed 29-Jun-16 10:53:42

Final bump!

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