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Clip back fringe. Am I too old?

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CatsGoPurrrr Sun 19-Jun-16 14:04:31


I hav had very bad over highlighted hair which I'm growing out. Yesterday, I had my long hair cut into a shoulder length bob to improve the condition. And it does look s lot better and healthier.

The front of my hair that frames my face though is short and wispy. A combination of colour and enthusiastic straightening. My hairdresser had advised me to lay off the straighteners as much as possible to give the hair a chance to grow.

My hair has a slight kink, which is obvious at the front which is why it gets straightened so much. To stop it looking weird n wavy and to avoid straightening it, I thought about clipping it back. Am I too old at 42? Any other suggestions to help while my hair grows?

Please! smile


phoolani Sun 19-Jun-16 14:50:30

I clip mine back sometimes and I'm the same age as you, so no, you're not! I twist it first, so it looks like a false plait iyswim. I was looking at some photos today where my hair is like that and thought how nice it looked.

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