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What jacket do you wear in summer?

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IggyPopsicle Thu 16-Jun-16 16:53:04

I am looking for a practical, but smart, jacket to wear in the summer months. I walk to work, so it needs to be something fairly waterproof (though not essential, as I can carry a brollie). The main thing though, is it must be lightweight and breathable as I hate walking to work in the sun and turning up sweaty blush. I'd like something that looks smart, not sporty, as sometimes I go out with friends straight after work.

I am 5'1" and slim, if that helps. Thankyou smile

Strawclutching Thu 16-Jun-16 20:33:00

I'm drawing a blank on this too. I have a kind of casual trench coat/parka blend which is bought from primark and I love but I need something different.

TwentyOneGuns Thu 16-Jun-16 20:34:30

I quite fancy one of those khaki utility style jackets that are around - Hush do one and in sure I've seen them elsewhere. Would that work for you?

BananaChew Thu 16-Jun-16 20:36:55

I have this, it's from Mango. Or I wear one of those heavy, jacquard type cardigans.

CointreauVersial Thu 16-Jun-16 21:20:25

Breathable and waterproof don't often go together.

I also have a trenchcoat, which I wear if rain is forecast; otherwise I have a few lightweight jackets (boucle, canvas etc) from Mango, Boden, Zara etc.....nothing recent I can link to, though.

These Uniqlo cardigan jackets are very popular with a few of the S&B crowd at the moment.

Queenbean Thu 16-Jun-16 21:21:19

I have a beige mac I wear, otherwise a number of blazers

SunsetBeetch Thu 16-Jun-16 21:51:24

Linen blazer?

IggyPopsicle Fri 17-Jun-16 14:57:53

Some great ideas here, thankyou. I am leaning more towards a trench coat now, possibly in navy smile

BananaChew Fri 17-Jun-16 15:18:49

M&S have some really lovely trench coats - well, they did in March. Cost £45 in a variety of colours.

I have it in black and it's great for the price.

IggyPopsicle Fri 17-Jun-16 17:19:46

Oh yes Banana that looks lovely. I will see if my local M&S have any smile

JackandDiane Fri 17-Jun-16 17:22:21

the marks khaki funnel neck one
I love it

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