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Basic regime for summer legs

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Frontstep Sun 12-Jun-16 10:05:26

Can you lovely Style and Beauty ladies help me? I have a busy job, young DC and very little time for beauty things. I would like to wear knee length dresses and sandals with bare legs this summer for work and play, but my legs are pretty rubbish looking. What would you recommend as basic steps to look like I have a clue? I've had dubious results years ago with fake tan. I'm 40 BTW.
What's the secret?? Please tell! flowers

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 12-Jun-16 10:17:07

Do you wax,shave, depilatory cream or one of those new Lumera devices?

First step I'd do is exfoliate. I've just finished a Soap&Glory scrub ( Scrub em and Leave em) which has salt grains (I like the Sugar Scrub too)

Then do hair removal (no ingrown hairs hopefully if you've scrubbed up proper wink )

If you fake tan, give it a day or so, you don't want the pimply spotted look.
Moisturise every day. Even those sprays are better than nothing but they're a bit light (my DD uses one, Vaseline spray)

If you get the exfoliate/hair removal/moisture bit done then your fake tan should be easy/

Use a mit for cream (I put a vinyl glove on before the mit).
I need to get some more (DD took my St Tropez cream hmm )

She's using CocoaBrown (Primark) and a BodyShop Drops of Bronze at the moment, both good.
If they don't go on smooth, just re-buff

Frontstep Sun 12-Jun-16 10:24:25

Oooo thanks 70 ... Off to find or buy

phoolani Sun 12-Jun-16 12:02:27

I shave my legs and exfoliate in the shower, then moisturise them when I get out - I use avene but any will do ime unless it's really perfumed - then I use l'oreal sublime bronze which is supposed to last two weeks. It doesn't but it does last a good few days, gives a nice subtle colour and it seems quite hard to really bugger up the application.

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