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Disappointed with the high street

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jumpjumpformylove Thu 09-Jun-16 23:14:00

I spent this afternoon in a big city. I was looking for a new dress or skirt/top, not for a special occasion but something nice for everyday wear.

I wanted something mid-calf. Non stretchy/clingy fabric. With a bit of shape. Size 10 give or take.

I looked everywhere. Every high street shop has flimsy shapeless tunics, short shorts, pantaloons or jump suits in garish or old-fashioned floral prints.

Where can I look to find something understated, stylish, flattering? Do I have to spend £150+ on a daytime dress just to get the luxury of a zip?

I'm trawling Ebay now looking for the right shape and style, but at a loss as to which brands to look up. Anyone have any suggestions of online sites that offer better than the high street if it's not a piece of printed Lycra or bum-skimming chiffon that's needed?!

StickTheDMWhereTheSunDontShine Thu 09-Jun-16 23:23:36

Landsend Canvas looks beautiful, but much of it is £150+ and, annoyingly, much of it is dry clean only.

This is a little short, but I saw it on a different model in a mail out, today and I love the way it hangs - actually works best with more of a bust than the model on the website. Also love that it's lined with cotton, rather than sweaty, clingy synthetic crap

StickTheDMWhereTheSunDontShine Thu 09-Jun-16 23:30:01

Laura Ashley can also be surprisingly good if you want something that's not to fit a teen. Cheaper, but not so hot on natural fibres as as they used too be. Landsend Canvas reminds me of what LA used to be good at.

jumpjumpformylove Thu 09-Jun-16 23:34:48

Thanks StickTheDM - I'd never have thought of Lands End! That dress is lovely, but definitely too short for me.
I have seen a couple of dresses that would be perfect for everyday wear though!
I like this shirt dress

And don't know if I love or hate this!

jumpjumpformylove Thu 09-Jun-16 23:36:23

I'd seen a few Laura Ashley dresses on Ebay and wondered if they would be a good fit (the photos were so rubbish it's hard to properly tell) I'm annoyed I didn't even think to look there when shopping.

RaisingSteam Thu 09-Jun-16 23:45:28

grin If you search "vintage Laura Ashley" on ebay you can absolutely sink in a 1980s/90s nostalgia of blue flowers, sailor collars and lovely long full skirts. I guess because those were all in proper fabrics, good quality cottons, not bobbly viscose or shabby jersey , they will last for ever. I reckon they are due for a come back.
I don't expect that's what you had in mind but it made me smile..

jumpjumpformylove Thu 09-Jun-16 23:52:06

It's not what I had in mind RaisingSteam wink as I'd look much too frumpy in those styles! I do remember being a child in the early 80s though and thinking it was only "posh girls" who wore Laura Ashley. They always looked so studious and "good" compared to their polar opposites, the "Rita, Sue & Bob Too" types grin

GinBunny Thu 09-Jun-16 23:59:53

Have you looked at Oasis Jump? I have got a couple of midi dresses from there recently.

StickTheDMWhereTheSunDontShine Fri 10-Jun-16 00:00:52

I had some lovely simple lai navy and black cotton jersey dresses from LA, back in the 90s when I was (the old) size 10-12 and not lumpy! They've always been a mixed bag!

That broderie anglaise dress is pretty (though looks as thin as you'd expect for broderie anglais) but the fungal skirt is ugly!

StickTheDMWhereTheSunDontShine Fri 10-Jun-16 00:02:07

lai = plain!

Need bed!

jumpjumpformylove Fri 10-Jun-16 00:09:05

Gin I was in Oasis today, but it seemed a really small one with little stock. I'll need to go back and find a bigger branch. Were the midi dresses patterned? I'll have a quick look at their website!

jumpjumpformylove Fri 10-Jun-16 00:10:44

Hah, StickTheDM I just imagine in a universe that's not mine, I could carry off that skirt; but forgive me, it's late, and I'll look at tomorrow and realise it's fugly with no redeeming qualities!

jumpjumpformylove Fri 10-Jun-16 00:12:25

and it's even worse with the cardi on the model who looks like Twiggy! grin

Jmangel Fri 10-Jun-16 07:55:53

How about Cos? Lots of more tailored, structured midis. & other stories also could be good. Zara?

jumpjumpformylove Fri 10-Jun-16 09:10:45

Thank you Jmangel ! I had forgotten about Cos and & Other Stories. I've seen a couple of things I really like online - and wish I'd remembered to seek them out when shopping. I was looking in all the wrong places!

RaisingSteam Fri 10-Jun-16 17:15:08

I treked out to an outlet place today, to rummage in the Jaeger/Hobbs/Austin Reed for work. Jaeger had lovely linen dresses. Anywhere like that near you?

I really like that skirt.

dragonsarebest Fri 10-Jun-16 18:01:48

Yes, that description sounds like Cos to me too.

Doobigetta Fri 10-Jun-16 18:46:04

Warehouse have some nice mid-length casual dresses at the moment.

Acornantics Fri 10-Jun-16 18:56:45

Warehouse midi dresses are pretty good, lots of choice online.

I have a lovely dress from Lands End, just a black jersey sleeveless number, longer length, and it's gorgeously simple to wear, comfortable and easy to dress up with wedges and jewellery.

I also found a gorgeous dress by Jaeger in an outlet place, jersey, below knee, scoop neck and pockets, perfect for work when it's not as humid as it is now!

Acornantics Fri 10-Jun-16 18:57:07

Great minds Doobi!

cressetmama Fri 10-Jun-16 20:26:36

Thrilled to know Lands End are still doing the Canvas range. Bought some of my favourite things from there, and then it seemed to die. Off to look now!

StickTheDMWhereTheSunDontShine Fri 10-Jun-16 21:03:19

It's all newly launched, mama. Possibly re-launched, then?

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