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Skincare gurus: please can you advise?!

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MrsBosh Wed 01-Jun-16 21:50:22

It's another skincare cry for help post... Sorry.

In the last year or so my skin has developed tiny under the skin bumps on the edge of my face and on my cheeks. They're not milia - have had these round my eyes before and these look different as they're not white and pearly. It looks a bit like my pores here are constantly blocked.

I currently use:

AM - wash face with water in shower
- apply Avene hydrance light moisturiser
- most days wear a light layer of NARS tinted moisturiser plus other minimal makeup

PM - Vichy normaderm cleansing gel
- alternate between Vichy aqualia serum and LRP effaclar duo.
I treat any chin breakouts at night with panoxyl 2.5 or prescribed differin cream.
Simple eye makeup remover liquid if I've worn mascara.

I take erythromycin for acne. I'm late 20s but not worrying about aging or wrinkles (yet!) I have a slightly oily tzone but rest is pretty normal. I get horrid hormonal chin spots and occasional others but that is not what's bothering me at the moment and the erythromycin helps.

Is there a step missing from my routine? I always just use my gel cleanser on my made up face - splash, rub rub rub, splash, dry - should I remove makeup seperately before cleansing? To be honest I never wear a lot and ensure stuff on my face is non-comodegenic.

Any gleaming errors in my routine? Advice? Anything would be so welcome.

Thanks all.

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