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Help me find two laptop bags!

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CherishFindensRulerOfDeath Thu 28-Apr-16 14:34:44

I'm not convinced that there is one thing that ticks all these boxes, hence looking for two dream bags...

Bag 1
I've changed job and will be flying quite a bit, with only hand baggage, so I need something that holds a lot but is under the cabin baggage threshold. Haven't decided whether I want wheelie or back pack style.

Bag 2
For days when I'm not going away I want a bag that is big enough for the laptop (13"), plus papers, a bottle of water etc.

I want good quality that will really last. Wondering about whether I should go leather for Bag 2. Am ruling out messenger style for both bags. And I don't wear brown, so it needs to be black, navy or grey.

Go for it!

itsmeyouknow Thu 28-Apr-16 15:56:38

Knomo bags - I have a few. They're stylish and designed to protect your laptop. They do full carry on ones and more hand bag style.

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Thu 28-Apr-16 16:49:57

I've got a 10 yr old Tumi backpack which is fantastic for this sort of thing. Streamlined, pockets in the right places and laptop protect but omg the prices have gone mental. I think mine was about £150 which is high end for a nylon backpack imo.

This is a cheaper equivalent. It's designed for cycling but really well constructed. I've seen one in daily use for 3 yrs and it's perfect.

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