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Suddenlylastsummer Fri 25-Mar-16 22:08:42

I wonder if anyone with Rosacea can recommend skin care products which may help,I am taking antibiotics and using a mixture of Elidel and Rosex cream.Everything I use seems to make my skin burn and this condition is really getting me down.I cover it up but dread taking my make up off at night.

Suddenlylastsummer Fri 25-Mar-16 23:41:07

Anyone ?

CakeThat Sat 26-Mar-16 06:22:15

I've tried lots of different things including gel from the doctor but the only thing which has worked for me (and it has worked really well) is spreading a thin layer of la roche posay's effaclar duo over my skin after cleansing with cetaphil then spreading a tiny amount of their rosaliac ar serum on top of that over the reddest parts (nose, cheeks and chin). The effaclar clears spots, blackheads etc but in a really gentle way that doesn't make the soreness worse and the rosaliac serum reduces redness. This can be put on before bedtime and in morning before make up. As long as your skin's not mega dry you shouldn't need a moisturiser on top.

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