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short sleeve v neck dress

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Howmanyminutes Fri 25-Mar-16 15:58:50

I'm off to a wedding soon and would like something like this, in terms of cut/ neckline / sleeves but fine with other colours. My budgets £150. I like that it's silk but you probably can't get that for my budget! Doesn't have to be a wrap. I currently own 1 posh dress which was my wedding dress so this isn't my forte. Any ideas?

Howmanyminutes Fri 25-Mar-16 16:02:49

Oops forgot the link

Diddlydokey Fri 25-Mar-16 16:09:14

Diddlydokey Fri 25-Mar-16 16:10:43

Diddlydokey Fri 25-Mar-16 16:13:13,default,pd.html

Diddlydokey Fri 25-Mar-16 16:17:29,default,pd.html

KP86 Fri 25-Mar-16 16:26:54

I really like the second asos one (much more than your original) but not sure if it's too short for a wedding? Depends on dress code

Howmanyminutes Fri 25-Mar-16 16:27:22

Really like that traffic people dress, and others by that brand by the looks of it, thanks for that.

Howmanyminutes Fri 25-Mar-16 16:29:17

Wonder if they'd be a bit longer on me (short) which would be ideal.

Howmanyminutes Fri 25-Mar-16 16:30:17

I def need to the knees, nearly 40 and no Kate moss!

Howmanyminutes Fri 25-Mar-16 16:34:42

Wow it is really short isn't it, shame because I love the print and style. Wish there were more interesting prints like that. It's quite a formal wedding I suspect.

Diddlydokey Fri 25-Mar-16 16:37:10

Well the model is 5'9.5" so if you're shorter than that it should be longer.

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