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Nursing bra intervention needed!

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LucyMouse Sat 19-Mar-16 11:23:00

I'm currently wearing a 34D which is quite tight. I have measured my under-bust which is 31" and my bust (just before feeding so I should have been fullest at that point) which was nearly 39".
What does that work out as?
I have a budget of only about £30 and I need to buy from somewhere like M&S, Debs, House of Fraser. We don't have any of the bigger underwear stores in my town.
DS is one week old today if that is relevant.

dementedpixie Sat 19-Mar-16 12:03:12

You are looking in the region of 30FF/32F

leedy Sat 19-Mar-16 12:15:45

I would be very wary of spending much money on a bra when baby is only a week old, my size fluctuated wildly for the first few weeks and you don't want anything too tight. Could you get away with something like a Mothercare stretchy sleep bra (I was OK in one at an E cup) for a few weeks, then measure again?

LucyMouse Sat 19-Mar-16 18:41:16

Thanks for your replies. Yes I have a sleep bra which is very comfortable.
I have a question about the back size - my 34D bra feels tight even on the widest hook and leaves me with marks on my chest when I take it off. Is this because it's just completely the wrong size? Or is it normal for a bra to need to dig in so much? I'm just thinking if I find the 34 tight, how will I wear a 30/32 back size without it feeling too tight?

Jo1954 Sat 19-Mar-16 18:50:13

I have several Royce Blossom ones that I like. Might be able to get from House of Fraser/John Lewis.
Size-wise, Royce are slightly larger under the bust than an equivalent M&S size (where as I found Mothercare sizes to be smaller). They also have 4 hooks on the back for sizing

dementedpixie Sat 19-Mar-16 19:09:52

Your bra might feel tight because the cup is too small so the breast tissue 'steals' fabric from the band and makes it dig in.

dementedpixie Sat 19-Mar-16 19:12:46

A 34D would be equivalent to 32DD and a 30E (sister sizes where the cup volume is the same across different back sizes) and as you measure as an F/FF cup no wonder it is hurting you.

Ughnotagain Sat 19-Mar-16 19:25:35

I personally would have a look to see if you can get some cheap 30Fs (which I know is easier said than done, that's my size - but they are out there!) I have this one twice:

Then when your size settles down go out and get fitted properly.

I went and bought a 32G nursing bra from Mothercare when my milk first came in. Wore it, washed it, realised it was massive. Couldn't take it back. £28 down the drain!

As PPs have said, you don't have enough cup space in your current bras so they will be pulling on the band.

Try putting them on back to front and you should find the bands are actually fine/big

badg3r Sat 19-Mar-16 19:48:18

I have the panache Sophie too. I have been wearing it every other day for 15 months and it is still going strong!! Look at bravissimo online, given your sizes (similar to me) you will be hard pushed to find something in most department stores.

Philoslothy Sat 19-Mar-16 19:50:30

You can buy Royce nursing bras new on eBay.
M and s nursing bras are awful.

LucyMouse Sat 19-Mar-16 20:55:31

Thank you that's a great help. I will try and find something in the right size on the high st, but otherwise I will be trying Amazon. I had no idea they sold bras!

Cakescakescakes Sat 19-Mar-16 23:26:11

Don't buy anything for at least another week. You're only one week in and your size will settle as your milk settles. I wore stretchy bras for the first month then bought some proper ones after things had settled down a bit. It'll be a waste of money buying them now as they'll prob be too big in a couple of weeks.

kinkytoes Sat 19-Mar-16 23:35:53

Can I please butt in and ask a question about the stretchy bras you speak of? Are they any good for actually feeding? I'm 37 weeks and desperately need bigger bras but I'm worried about fluctuating size in the coming weeks. A stretchy rather than proper nursing bras might tide me over perhaps?

Philoslothy Sun 20-Mar-16 02:35:01

I go to John Lewis try them on and then order off eBay. I did this initially as I was buying bras very early into nursing and knew that my size would change and I did not want to spend too much.

I have a few John Lewis own brand nursing bras that have been good

Ughnotagain Sun 20-Mar-16 03:00:10

kinkytoes I bought some cheap stretchy crop top type ones from Asda just after my milk came in. Not overly supportive but better than nothing!

leedy Sun 20-Mar-16 20:30:48

I had no problem feeding in the Mothercare sleep bra, which was more like a crossover crop top - just pulled it down below the boob. I also had a Bravado nursing bra that had a lot of stretch in it which was good for the early weeks as well - they basically cover a couple of cup sizes because they've so much give in them.

A stretchy non-feeding "proper" bra wouldn't be much use, I don't think.

Bolshybookworm Sun 20-Mar-16 20:43:59

Can you find an independent lingerie shop? Most small towns have them and some of them will stock maternity (call up first). I had a wonderful lady at my local independent fit my bras for me (they were Royce, so not super expensive). I was in agony with poorly fitted, cheap bras before I saw her, she saved me from a world of pain!

If you intend to feed for any length of time then it's worth investing in a couple of decent feeding bras. If you think about how much you spend on stuff for the baby, then it's not a big expense in comparison and it makes a big difference to your comfort and ability to feed easily.
I love Royce, not particularly glam, but then neither were my massive leaky boobs grin

Bolshybookworm Sun 20-Mar-16 20:44:23

House of Fraser stock Royce too, I think.

Dalmatian2017 Sun 20-Mar-16 20:47:04

I don't know where the others have worked out sizing but you are measuring in between a 34DD/e and 36D/dd.

dementedpixie Sun 20-Mar-16 21:01:21

You are using an outdated sizing method that gives a bra too big in the back and too small in the cup. You do not add extra inches to the back measurement so the figure you get when you measure is your back size

dementedpixie Sun 20-Mar-16 21:02:16

<Happy sigh> I love how quickly +4 gets corrected now...I remember the days when there were only a few of us and every bra thread had 965 million people going "no you measure than add 5" and us going "no, please, don't"

Cakescakescakes Sun 20-Mar-16 22:58:53

Yes kinkytoes the sleep bras are great for those interim few weeks. I wore them at night for months after baby was born too as I needed them to hold pads in place to catch the leaks.

leedy Mon 21-Mar-16 11:36:17

This lot are good for ordering online as well, once your size has stabilized, and they do free UK deliveries:

I loved the Anita underwired nursing bras, they're super comfortable and actually looked vaguely like a normal bra.

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