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eyebrow makeover

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puthyjip43 Sun 13-Mar-16 22:05:58

Ok so it costs $70 (£35) includes tweeze, wax, shape, tint etc

My eyebrows have been over plucked in the past (Damn you 1990's thin eyebrow trend!) but I'm 'growing' them and they're not too bad
Will this makeover help me or is it meant for those with completely bushy brows? It's a lot of money but willing to pay it if I'll look spectacular
I've attached a pic of a brow. They're a bit wonky

Kelsoooo Sun 13-Mar-16 22:26:50

HD brows by any chance? Cause it's all makeup really.... Just get them waxed/threaded and an eyebrow pencil

AdventuresOfADentist Sun 13-Mar-16 22:44:46

Personally I would go with pp and get them threaded. They'll talk to you about growing them back too.

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