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So annoyed at Shu Uemura

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CoolToned Fri 11-Mar-16 21:54:50

Just a bit of a rant:

I bought The Lightbulb compact powder foundation two weeks ago at Shu Uemura in Bourke Street here in Melbourne. I was looking for a pressed powder to touch up, and the sales staff said it could work. I tried the tester, and it looked fine in store lighting. She stuck the foundation pan inside the compact (the pan and the compact are sold separately), and she assured me that I can return for refund or exchange if I find it unsuitable.

An hour later, I was surprised to see it looked cakey, oily, and emphasised my pores.

I tried to return it yesterday, and they refused the return. According to the staff who handled my request, it was because:

1. I already chose the colour (huh?)
2. The pan was already inside the compact and they won't be able to sell it.

I told her I did not even ask the staff to stick it inside. She just gave it to me like that, without giving me the packaging box. And that I was assured I could return it if it turned out to be unsuitable.

I just feel so annoyed to be stuck with a product I can't use.

NNalreadyinuse Fri 11-Mar-16 22:04:29

Complain on their social media and in writing to the head of the company. It was mis sold to you and they should honour what their staff promised.

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