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A laser hair removal question

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wallywobbles Tue 08-Mar-16 22:47:05

I have had a fair amount of professional lasering done but with such variable results depending where. Has anyone else had this? I'm really interested in others experience after its finished. What's grown back etc

Chin/beard, not too bad after 10 sessions, but probably going to need another 5 sessions. Now having a break to see what really grows back.

Lower legs - had 5 professional sessions with amazing results 2 years ago. I had astonishingly hairy lower legs and even the home laser is efficient on whats left.

Inner thigh area - 10 sessions - pretty good result in that I've stopped noticing them at all.

Bikini area - 15 professional sessions over 2 years and still loads of hair apart from a weird bald bit in the middle. The hair is much finer than it was.

So my ultimate question is if I persevere with the bikini line will it eventually go, or is finer hair as good as its going to get?

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