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Has anyone ever had a reaction to Bobbi Brown tinted moisturiser?

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Jemster Sun 21-Feb-16 21:28:13

I treated myself to this a couple of weeks ago & am now wondering if my skin is reacting badly to it.
Since using it I have been getting sore itchy spots on my face. I don't normally get spots like this at all.

Has anyone else had a reaction to this tinted moisturiser? I'll be fed up if it is a bad reaction as it cost nearly £30! I thought her products were meant to be very natural so I didn't think for a minute I'd react badly to it.

Indecisivejo Sun 21-Feb-16 21:33:34

Yes my skin didn't like this either sad
You can return it for a full refund if you tell them u had an allergic reaction

Kirriemuir Sun 21-Feb-16 21:35:33

Take it back. I did so today with a mascara that caused a reaction. No problems.

Jemster Sun 21-Feb-16 21:44:12

Thank you, I wasn't sure if they would let me return if I'd used it for two weeks. Can't afford to just chuck it away though and waste that money.

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