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Infinity dress for someone with boobs!

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JenEric Wed 17-Feb-16 20:38:53

I'm a bridesmaid in June and there are 6 of us size 10 up to size 16. My friend has bought us all infinity/multiway dresses. The ones with a simple skirt then 2 long straps that tie.

I think this is a great idea but I'm struggling to make mine decent! I've been on you tube but I never wear dresses so am totally clueless.

I'm a short arse as well as being a size 14/16 and a DD/E cup. pretty much all the cross these straps over your boobs style seem to give me an inappropriate and huge cleavage or the worlds biggest side boob! The best one I've found so far involves pulling the whole skirt up like a strapless dress then making cap sleeves with the wrap bits.

Please oh lovely stylish ladies send me photos of styles you think might work and point me at you tube. I am going to get a far more stylish friend to help me figure out how to do it but I'd love an idea of what might work. Atm I just feel fat and sad when I put it on.

LettuceLaughton Wed 17-Feb-16 20:41:42

Some suppliers of those dresses sell a matching boob-tube to solve the norkage problems, if you check where they're from you might be in luck.

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