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Another bra help one...

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Moogajoo Wed 17-Feb-16 19:28:45

Desperately trying to find a well fitting bra. Followed bra fitting advice on here and have prob been wearing wrong size for ages. Currently measuring 30/31 and 38 around bust.

Been trying 30F - bit too tight in band and 32E - bit too loose. Cups size E generally OK. Recently stopped breast feeding and maternity bra not supportive anymore. Underwire now feels v uncomfortable. Also cups on bras seem to sit very high under armpit.

Any ideas on bra brands/shops to try?

DianaT1969 Thu 18-Feb-16 21:38:11

Can you get to Bravissimo for a fitting?

KatharinaRosalie Thu 18-Feb-16 22:19:18

how about 30FF? If the cup is too small, the band will feel tight.

What brands did you try? Panache has higher narrower wires that poke some people - Freya, Fantasie and Curvy Kate might work better.

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