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TattyDevine or any other hair mavens - assemble here!

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WileHallion Sat 13-Feb-16 09:27:57

I have naturally about 75% silver/white hair (the rest is dark platinum/silver).

I decided to start playing around with semi-permanent brightly coloured dyes (Manic Panic etc) and for the last year have had purple/pink/blue/teal hair and loved it.

Now: despite all their claims that they fade, on me they don't. I have terrible build up (stained cuticles?) and a general 'muddy'ness to my hair (mostly purple). Oh and an inch of salt and pepper roots (sexy).

To try and strip the colour I've used Color B4 with disappointing results. I tried the Vitamin C method - complete waste of money and time, no result at all. Sat here with anti-dandruff shampoo on my hair, another tip from a forum. I remain cynical.

I really don't want to bleach my hair (it's really healthy) but apart from shaving it all off (again) I don't see how else I can get rid of this colour build up?

Have bought L'Oreal Effasol Colour Remover which contains a small amount of peroxide and is therefore meant to be much more effective than Colour B4 (no peroxide - uses sulphur). If it works I could then use a silver toner to get rid of any brassiness and let my natural color grow into the rest?

Oy. Help please!

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