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Leather Culottes? Leggings? A little help please!

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BespokeStereophonicVinyl Wed 03-Feb-16 22:23:46

I know I'm a bit late to the leather leggings party here, but having lost weight and had a bit of a style overhaul lately, I'm seriously tempted. I think I could pull them off (tallish, size 8, slim of leg and hipster of look) but are they a bit passe now? They're so expensive I'm not sure I want to invest only to get a few months wear out of them.

The other alternative is leather culottes, which again, I think could work, but how does one style them? I currently wear a lot of midi skirts with black tights and my beloved vintage-y trainers.

Can I wear black leather culottes with opaque tights? Even typing that makes me shudder shock

Open to suggestions!

mrslebon Wed 03-Feb-16 22:57:04

I don't think they are passe. It's all in the styling really. I love them with a slouchy jumper or a denim shirt, so for me, they are a wardrobe staple. I don't have real leather ones, but a range of faux leather ones (best ones for me have been from Next, my fave pair bought in store, the others I got off eBay). I also have faux leather jogger style ones from River Island and tailored wide leg ones from Zara. I wouldn't wear them with opaques because that would be a sweat fest really! I think it's worthwhile experimenting with a few styles to see how they feel on you, whether they wrinkle too much etc. I think M&S do real leather ones in their Autograph range? Footwear wise, I've worn them with suede heels in the evening or with white leather pumps/leopard pumps in the day.

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