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Dresses for everyday - best shop?

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OrangeSunset Sat 23-Jan-16 16:32:15

I've decided (again!) it time to get out of my mum uniform (skinnier plus plain top) and just smarten up a bit.

I'd like some dresses that I can wear everyday with tights and boots/trainers. Nothing too smart or glamorous, just simple and casual. I'm 5'8, long legs and good waist but no boobs! Where's a good place to look? I'm also a bit of a hot bod (as in temperature-wise) and so would prefer dresses with natural fabric. And maybe a bit of pattern, if I'm going crazy.

Roygrace Sat 23-Jan-16 16:35:51

I love wrap dresses can be dressed up and down.

Boden, autograph, eBay all good

cannaethink Sat 23-Jan-16 19:45:40

Gap? I bought a few in the sale, couple of jumper dresses and a couple of shirt dresses. I'm also 5'8 and find gap dresses a nice, just above the knee, length. H&M also do good everyday dresses, they're often cotton.

iwannadancewithsomebody Sat 23-Jan-16 20:06:59

Matalan had some nice jumper and shirt dresses in. Cheap and cheerful.

At the other price range, phase eight had some gorgeous stuff in

OrangeSunset Sat 23-Jan-16 22:02:37

Gap's a good shout, will have a look online. I'm not too keen on wrap dresses - lack of boobage means they have nothing to anchor the top section and just gape!

jumpinghoops Sat 23-Jan-16 22:55:56

I'm almost the same shape/height but sadly shorter legs. GAP, People Tree always use natural fabrics and are a good length, occasional Reiss and Cos can be fine if can find the right shape and Jigsaw worth a look. If you find any gems please share, I am always looking for non-synthetic daytime dresses.

VinciWinchi Sat 23-Jan-16 23:36:00

Jumping - do you also shop at White Stuff? How do the People Tree sizes compare - on paper they are exactly the same but I have read they are normal to small. I need bust room if that makes a difference.

Beachlovingirl Sat 23-Jan-16 23:59:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jumpinghoops Sun 24-Jan-16 00:02:26

I've not familiar with WS sizing, I would say slightly small for people tree, I'm a large 10, my PT dresses are all 10s but pretty snug. However, I'm pear shaped 32C and I would say things are cut for flatter chests- maybe just the things I've picked though!

BikeRunSki Sun 24-Jan-16 00:04:04

People Tree are true to size or smaller, compared to White Stuff being on the big side.

jumpinghoops Sun 24-Jan-16 00:06:52

ruby- I live in this with tops or polos under at the mo, love it. Pretty much rotate denim dresses actually.

dottyaboutstripes Sun 24-Jan-16 00:12:04

I bought some a few months ago from linea at house of Fraser. Don't know if they have anything nice at the mo though

Glitteryfrog Sun 24-Jan-16 00:32:22

Boden long length, I've just discovered it.
I'm 5'8 and find a lot of stuff just a wee bit short. (I've got good legs but don't want to flash my upper thighs at people when I sit down)

VinciWinchi Sun 24-Jan-16 19:45:21

Thank you re PT sizing. It just shows how you can't tell at all even though they give measurents online.

BikeRunSki Sun 24-Jan-16 19:48:55

People Tree is all natural, organic fabrics, do nothing has Lycra in it, which is probably why the same size on paper seems smaller in real life.

blueshoes Sun 24-Jan-16 22:49:07

French Connection, Zara, Banana Republic

cressetmama Mon 25-Jan-16 08:54:50

Have just bought a 3/4 sleeve shift denim jersey dress from White Stuff. Knee length on me (5'5") at size 10. Very useful indeed as it has pockets and dresses up or down. I got it in the sale for £45, but at a local shop, not in WS.

BleakHill Mon 01-Feb-16 12:09:58

In case anybody is interested re the People Tree sizing, I have just tried two dresses in the larger of the two sizes I ever am. Both are too tight and fitted around the hips and thighs (and snug on the top half). Both dresses contain lycra. Disappointing as the length is great.

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