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Handbag - opinions please

(11 Posts)
Ponymagic Fri 22-Jan-16 15:51:02

Yay or nay to this ... my first impression was 'oh that's lovely' but I don't trust in my own judgement!

PollyPocket100 Fri 22-Jan-16 15:55:54

I think it's lovely! I'd go for it.

Ponymagic Fri 22-Jan-16 17:00:10

Am considering it Polly - always helps when someone else says something is nice! Not 100% cos like a cross body and have been eyeing small Marcie - not sure what colour. R&B bag much kinder to bank account and would be nice for spring/summer.

PollyPocket100 Fri 22-Jan-16 18:30:55

Can't say I like the Marcie as much. My vote remains with the R&B!

Ponymagic Fri 22-Jan-16 19:56:34


BuggersMuddle Fri 22-Jan-16 20:13:20

I don't like it tbh (although I don't think it's awful or anything, just not my taste). Think it looks a bit cheap from the photos (but acknowledge it's hard to judge from photos). Am not keen on the particular two-tone - tend to prefer colours that are closer together and tone in more easily.

Cranagh Fri 22-Jan-16 23:15:32

The Marcie is far nicer, imo.

BendyBusBuggy Fri 22-Jan-16 23:18:35

I love the Marcie

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Fri 22-Jan-16 23:24:18

Prefer the R & B. Other one is a bit too 'cowboy' for me grin

Ponymagic Sat 23-Jan-16 11:50:32

Opinions pretty much split down the middle then ! DH prefers the R&B bag but his fashion advice is questionable. I think I prefer the Marie but am worried it's a tad too small. Ho hum

WingsClipped Sat 23-Jan-16 11:52:24

Marcie is far nicer.

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