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Any bra gurus around?

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LtheWife Tue 19-Jan-16 19:49:57

I'm looking for the holy grail that is the perfect, smooth, everyday bra and was hoping someone might have some suggestions on where to start.

I used to wear Freya balcony bras but wanted something a little smoother so started looking at moulded styles but had problems with gaping. The Freya Deco seemed to suit well but after wearing for a short while the cups started collapsing under the weight near the gore (imagine a crease running diagonally down and out from the top of the inner wire) which resulted in overspill at the inner edge of the cups. It's almost as though the deco pushes everything together a bit too much. Going up a cup size resulted in gaping again so I figure the deco isn't the bra for me.

Size wise I measure as a 28F but had to buy the deco in 28FF to avoid overspill during fitting. Going up to a 28G meant gaping and a 30 back size just wasn't supportive enough. I often find with balcony bras the central gore is a little too wide and/or high and as I'm starting to lose fullness at the top of my breasts they can create a ledge shape rather than a more rounded shape. Plunge bras recreate that fullness but if the gore is too low I fall out of them. It reads like I have close together breasts but they're definitely not (neither are they widely set).

Any suggestions on where to start?

LadyStoicIsBack Wed 20-Jan-16 02:58:49

Only one place to start.....

Advance search to find MarriedNotDead and PM her a cut/paste of your post and a lovely intro!

She is the dogs when it comes to all things brassiere related; you will find no-one finersmile


marriednotdead Wed 20-Jan-16 21:35:23


If Freya usually works for you, then I'd try the Idol, which doesn't tip your boobs into a puddle like Deco. I'd start with 28F, but don't be surprised if you need to size down another cup.

I'd also look at the Panache Porcelain Élan balconette, although the cups sit slightly lower on the body.

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