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How to make a bit more on myself?

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ifonly4 Wed 06-Jan-16 14:43:14

Just done a bit of temping in what I would call a glamorous environment, with 70% of staff half my age. Have been offered a few hours permanently and in the ideal world we'd want to spend extra money on food and save for house repairs and one day a better car, so don't want to spend loads on myself! However, I feel like I'm the old wrinkly one with no style. I've been using old makeup and jewellery which I'd forgot about, but just wondering if anyone had any advice for making a bit more of myself but cheaply. My hair is longish and I just have it cut straight as that's cheaper than styling, but maybe there's something else I could have done.

Nabootique Wed 06-Jan-16 14:45:32

Do you usually wear it down? If so, wear it up, or if you usually wear it up have it down.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 06-Jan-16 14:49:39

What's the unofficial uniform of these trendy young things?
Is it suits and smart blouses?
Or more casual but trendy.

TBH , if they're half your age then your style will be different but what about the co-workers that are your age? Who do you admire, fashion wise?
Are they groomed (there's the Expensive Thread if you can commit an hour so so, but as my idea of Expensive/Groomed doesn;t match others, I really don't want to venture back there grin )

In my workplace, I could be the Mother of most of my collegues but we have a Uniform so I don't need to worry (though some of them are reet scruffy buggers) hmm

ifonly4 Wed 06-Jan-16 15:14:57

Thanks for your replies (so far).

Long hair should be tied back at work, so I've just been putting it in a low ponytail. I was actually looking at something which twists your hair either side of the ponytail, so think I'll have a look online to see how they work.

I should get a uniform, so at least that's out of my control. Female colleagues who are my age wear makeup and their hair looks nice as it's styled. One lady is exceptionally glamorous, as are a lot of the young ones!

Madmog Thu 07-Jan-16 10:29:38

Firstly, your new place of work wouldn't have taken you on if they didn't think you were presentable and worked hard - you are yourself. Show interest in others (most of us the opportunity to talk about ourselves or something we've done) and you'll be fine.

However, on the style/beauty front, one thing I always like to see is clean hair myself. If your eyebrows need a bit of tidying then that's easily done. As and when you need new makeup/accessories, you could always ask on here for cheaper suggestions. You could always ask a friend to look at your jewellery with you and ask their honest opinion on what they think is suitable for you and your age.

toffeeboffin Thu 07-Jan-16 17:04:44

'exceptionally glamorous'

Lord above, how intimidating!

Make sure your skin looks good - so loads of water, moisturizer.

Can you wear heels? If so, a low heel always adds a bit of glam.

I guess everyone makes such an effort because you have a uniform - to make a personal statement.

Wombat87 Thu 07-Jan-16 17:28:20

I'm not too sure of your age, so maybe I'm half of it but i'm def twentysomething and in a professional environment.

Our receptionists on the door downstairs all must be wearing 3 items of make up. No lie - steadfast rule.

My general look is this:

Hair up, normally a bun which is sort of not high and not low as I use a doughnut and it's easy for me. If you are someone who can faff with twists. I envy you. If you do it to the side maybe think of a nice fastener for it? The slicked back look is good but if you're a bit older I'd go for the softer style. If you have straight long hair, maybe consider a fringe - sweeping to the side or full at the front. Mines full at the front which i think with hair up makes me look like a mushroom. Your hairdresser will tell you what's better. If you don't dye your hair I wouldn't start, but if you feel like a revamp then go for it!

With hair up i always go for some really nice earrings - I have small Gold pearl ones with a diamond set just above it. It just makes me look like I've bothered a bit more than just shoving my hair in a bun.

Make up - depends on you. I'm a whack it all on girl when I've got the time. But usually it's black eyeliner across the top (not too thick), this one (link should be there) is good if you're not that great with the liquid stuff across the top, some eyebrow powder, good foundation, concealer and mascara. The tinted lip balms are good as I'm shit with lipstick and gloss.

Personally, I have one or two of everything jewelry wise - earlings, necklaces, watches etc. none of which are expensive at all, but I like to rotate them so I feel different.

But if they've offered you the job they clearly like you so all of the above doesn't really matter. I'm sure you look proffessional and presentable. Most people my age spend pennies on stuff for work. Think h&m jewelry!

chumbler Thu 07-Jan-16 20:09:13

Straighten your hair even if it's tied back and use a hair oil

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