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Hair help needed

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Philoshite Sun 03-Jan-16 22:30:44

Need some help with my hair dilemma please.. My hair is quite thin at the sides and I have wispy bits under my fringe so I have a full fringe and shoulder length bob to cover all that up. It looks great BUT I have a night out coming up and when get hot my fringe goes curly shock even with ghds or hairspray on it. So any ideas on what to do? Any products which might help or hairstyle which would take my fringe off my face but not look daft with my wispy thin hairline
Thanks for reading smile

Philoshite Mon 04-Jan-16 09:29:07


Philoshite Mon 04-Jan-16 15:57:52

Sobs... sad

HollyJollyDillydolly Mon 04-Jan-16 16:06:35

Something like this maybe?
I do this with my fringe sometimes.

Philoshite Mon 04-Jan-16 18:41:36

I like that.. Thank you

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