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Tips/ suggestions for my clothing revamp appreciated

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daisydalrymple Sun 20-Dec-15 19:49:05

I desperately need some new clothes, and could do with getting some clever basics that mix and match. I'm a SAHM, but recently gone back to work a few hours on the weekend, doing some admin, so am looking for smart casual, look ok at work, but not out of place for school run.

Budget £200. I have a couple of decent pairs of dark jeans, black, dark purple and navy longline cardigans. Black and navy ballet pumps, black boots, brown boots and navy mid calf boots.

Seriously lacking in tops and any bottoms other than jeans. Tops are either nursing, or now too big (lost a stone and a half, thanks to dc3's cmpi.)

Would love some suggestions for a few quality basics if anybody is around.

Kennington Sun 20-Dec-15 21:03:25

Try uniqlo merino jumpers and t shirts - they last and wash well and are cheap.
Online is not as good at the moment and they are only in London but are cheap

daisydalrymple Sun 20-Dec-15 21:30:13

Oh thank you, I'll take a look (North Wales so nowhere near London smile but it's a start thanks!

amarmai Sun 20-Dec-15 21:38:01

H&M has upgraded - so not as cheap but better quality and great selection of tops and bottoms.

daisydalrymple Sun 20-Dec-15 22:17:40

Oh I have wondered about them, as have been living in their nursing tops, which I've actually been impressed with. I'll check them out thanks.

amarmai Mon 21-Dec-15 00:25:08

My dd got her maternity stuff there and the suits for her interview! Love H&M!

raisin3cookies Mon 21-Dec-15 00:33:10

I've recently lost weight so have had to replace everything in my wardrobe; I'm still using charity shops and supermarkets mostly, but I have decided on a olour scheme for my clothing. I only wear blues, oranges, and neutrals like white, grey or brown. Everything I own matches, so it's easy to make a small number of clothes look like more! I'm looking forward to getting to my goal weight and going shopping. Sticking to my colour scheme also means I don't waste time shopping. If there isn't anything my colours, I move on. Easy.

FrustratedFrugal Mon 21-Dec-15 12:02:01

Paler neutrals are really fashionable now, soft whites, rosy beiges, soft grays. I found a great soft beige ribbed knit in H&M some time ago, the Me+Em sale can also be great for great quality knits and plain trousers.

daisydalrymple Mon 21-Dec-15 15:57:16

Thank you, these tips are all really helpful. I'm going to hang on and see if I can get some quality pieces in the sale and get a little bit more for my money, thanks.

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