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Has anyone ordered from Nordstom before or know about tax on stuff from the US?

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TheCraicDealer Mon 23-Nov-15 23:10:16

I want a pair of Ash boots (yes I know I'm about three years behind on this) but all of the colours online are cool beiges/greys/black and I want tan or chestnut, dammit.

Nordstrom has some nice colours and, you know, Black Friday is approaching so was considering ordering them from the US. Has anyone got anything delivered before, or does anyone know about how the VAT payable at customs is calculated? Thanks in advance smile

Twinklestein Tue 24-Nov-15 10:12:35

Anything over £120 you have to pay customs and VAT. Although the customs duty is waived if it's less than £7.

You calculate the charges on the total amount including postage.

You need to find out the duty rate on clothing/footwear.

Google 'duty calculator'.

Micah Tue 24-Nov-15 10:16:50

I worked it out recently and there's a po handling charge on anything over £12-ish, even if you are under the £120.

I need to buy specific sportswear, and by the time I pay postage and handling charges it's just not worth it.

There are calculators online, but also check the Royal Mail info, as their charges are often left off.

Twinklestein Tue 24-Nov-15 10:17:52

I think Nordstrom may calculate it for you - or perhaps that's Shopbop - can't remember.

Shopbop certainly do free international shipping.

Twinklestein Tue 24-Nov-15 10:19:12

I forgot about the handling fee - they don't always charge it.

TheCraicDealer Tue 24-Nov-15 10:39:55

Thanks peeps! Really useful, didn't know about the online calculators so off to investigate now smile

Savagebeauty Tue 24-Nov-15 10:43:27

It's calculated in with with your final total. Nordstrom are brilliant..ship very quickly

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