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Is there an equivalent to the quilted coats that Hobbs used to sell?

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40SomethingFabulouslyClueless Tue 20-Oct-15 11:14:47

My Hobbs quilted coat has finally died and I need a replacement. I'm struggling however. It was perfect for autumn/spring - covered my bum, warm but not too thick, adjustable waist so it had a good shape... I guess it's terribly frumpy now as I can't seem to find anything similar.

It looked a bit like this... (It actually looked much more stylish on!) What can I replace it with?

Nearlyadoctor Tue 20-Oct-15 13:21:30

Crew clothing and Joules had very similar styles last year - I haven't looked this year.

yazzy85 Tue 20-Oct-15 13:43:22

Joules and Target Dry has a similar design too

mysteryfairy Tue 20-Oct-15 16:59:27

I walked through Next into a shopping centre today and got the fleeting impression they had quite a lot along those lines. Aren't coats like that still fairly ubiquitous?

If not I'd say Barbour are likely to still make something quilted and bum covering.

LinusLovesBretons Tue 20-Oct-15 18:27:38

I used to have a Henry Lloyd quilted jacket as a student many years ago but I don't know if they still do them.

StillShopalot Tue 20-Oct-15 19:40:56

I was wearing that coat today. (Love it) They still have some similar on the Hobbs website but black -they might be in the clearance section.

40SomethingFabulouslyClueless Wed 21-Oct-15 12:48:09

I've looked at Joules and Barbour, but they are all much shorter, they seem to finish mid hip. Not good on my pear-shape derriere.

Hadn't thought of Henry Lloyd and never heard of Target Dry, thanks for the suggestion! Will take a look at Next too. Couldn't find anything similar on Hobbs, they are either short or puffy.

Would like it to be navy ideally. Actually I think I really just want the same coat blush. Damn you Hobbs for no longer selling it!!

louloubelle2 Wed 21-Oct-15 19:41:16

There are quite a few on Ebay, some new. If your size and colour aren't listed, set up a saved search, there are enough on there to make me think they will come up pretty regularly.

ClairMolton Fri 08-Apr-16 11:21:49

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