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New purse - they all seem too big for my new small handbag!

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Jemster Thu 27-Aug-15 08:53:56

I'm after some purse recommendations. I would like a nice leather purse not black & not huge.
I have always had a largeish purse but am questioning if it's really neccessary. It's fine for my work bag but takes up the whole of my smaller day handbag.
I don't really want to be swapping between two purses all the time.

MrsMummyPig Thu 27-Aug-15 11:04:12

I've got a radley one. It has a small fold over wallet, a couple of card slots and a zip coin section. Its a handy size and has lasted ages. I don't think they do the exact same design anymore so can't link but will probably still do something in a similar size.

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