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Mary Portas for House of Fraser discontinued?

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CalonDu Wed 19-Aug-15 13:01:58

I just had a look on the HoF site for the usual Mary Portas end of sale bargains, but the brand's "no longer available", and a quick google suggests that they parted ways in June. I think it's a shame, really: some of the clothes were kind of 'Mary Portas only' but I've got a couple of failsafe black dresses, a great cardigan, and the best stretchy black pencil skirt ever from there.

I suppose the fact that a lot of them were end of sale bargains maybe says a lot... sad

Lottapianos Wed 19-Aug-15 13:06:21

I thought something must have happened as I got the 'no longer available' message last time I searched too. I have a black skirt from there that I love, would have been interested in having a look at the new Autumn collection

burnishedsilver Wed 19-Aug-15 13:36:43

I liked her shoe collection but that only lasted a couple of years.

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