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Are chelsea boots done now? To buy or not to buy...

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keeponkeepinon Tue 18-Aug-15 22:18:19

Following along the the lines of the AW15 thread, whats the deal with chelsea boots now? I put off buying some last autumn even though I did want some. There are some great bargains now but wondering if that is because the trend is moving away from the chelsea boot now.
I want an ankle boot that'll do double duty on the playground but also possible to dress up a bit for casual pub nights. And not sure how chunky to go, are heavy soled ones only really suitable for super young, super skinny, super stylish types? (Ie. not me),10/1778060957050

I quite like any of the above but really they would all serve entirely different purposes. I want comfy but stylish and versatile. Tuck in or roll up? Does this depend on the height of the boot and its width? I am usually a jeans person, and am not likely to be rushing away from my skinnies towards the flares section just yet might be eating my words though you never know

keeponkeepinon Tue 18-Aug-15 22:47:42

Wish the shoe shops would put pics of the shoe on a person, it makes it so much easier to see what they are really like!

Also like the Dr martens Flora, but strongly suspect I am nowhere near edgy enough to pull this stuff off...

Nettletheelf Tue 18-Aug-15 22:55:54

Yes, Chelsea boots are still stylish. The H by Hudson ones look the best (and they are good husband has some boots from their men's range). The Timberlands are a bit chunky and look a bit like the boots forklift drivers wear, and the Dotty P ones look inexpensive. The office ones are sold out so can't see them!

But, you may want to reconsider the tan colour. I think it can look a bit dated unless you are young enough to be wearing them first time around. You may remember that tan ankle boots were fashionable in the late 80s and early 90s so you don't want to look as if you have hoiked them from the back of the wardrobe! Go for black instead. Tan boots and black trousers don't really work.

I got some lovely black nubuck Barbour biker boots in the sales earlier this year. You can wear those on a night out as well as during the day.

keeponkeepinon Tue 18-Aug-15 23:16:32

I take your point - it was the DP ones I came across first and liked that they were sort of petite and thought they'd be ok with jeans but the more I've looked around the more they look 'inexpensive' (very diplomatic grin). I think its the very thin soles that probably won;t last that well.

The more I've looked the more I like the Dr Marten's Flora and the H boots - one is a bit sharper than the other though and its deciding which would be more usable.

Floisme Tue 18-Aug-15 23:19:42

I've had my current pair of Chelsea Boots so long, I was still in flares when I bought them (Jones the Bootmakers). Which I think suggests they are timeless, hardwearing and go with everything. I'll def be looking for some more when these finally die on me.

I don't agree about black though - I find brown less harsh and is furthermore, I believe, the new It Colour for this season!

Nettletheelf Tue 18-Aug-15 23:29:30

Forgot to add, Chelsea boots can be a bit risky with very skinny jeans. It can make your feet look like golf clubs if the boots are chunky (wood golf clubs in the case of tan boots...)

keeponkeepinon Wed 19-Aug-15 08:00:34

There is the root of my reservation - how to style them without looking like a fool...! I am mid 30s btw.
I am usually drawn to brown leather more than black and wear jeans a lot. Plus I already have some of those almost pistol style boots in black which I wear with dresses, black tights etc. They have a heel though so while comfy, they aren't as comfy as a flat would be.

keeponkeepinon Wed 19-Aug-15 08:03:38

I'm very distracted by the pics on the model wearing the H by Hudson boots - if the best asos could do was to hack off an old pair of stonewash at the bottom, I've no chance! grin

MadHackedOffGnome Wed 19-Aug-15 08:13:01

I've just got a nice pair of chelsea boots, tan, v comfy and go nicely with navy Zara skinnies. Don't tempt me with more links!

amarmai Wed 19-Aug-15 13:42:21

I'm looking for a pair of grey chelsea boots - agree timeless.

TheVeryThing Wed 19-Aug-15 13:43:12

I see what you mean about asos styling grin, pinterest might have some better suggestions.
I'm planning to get a pair this year so hope they are still stylish.
I think tan goes with most colours but am sort of veering towards brown, i think.
I'm on a tight budget so actually looking at the kids sections (am size 3.5 to 4) as they are so much cheaper.

Judydreamsofhorses Wed 19-Aug-15 18:42:53

I love Chelsea boots. I have the DM floras in oxblood, and tan and black ones from Clarks too. I wear them with dresses with opaque tights and skinny jeans - the trick with jeans is to roll them up to the ankle bone.

keeponkeepinon Wed 19-Aug-15 20:29:40

theverything I am a 5 so it is just possible I could get some from the kids section. Have you found anything good?

Judy I like the look of the oxblood DMs, do they come up quite high at the ankle? Just wondering if they come up too high I will struggle. The thing with the Dotty P little boots was that they were low around the ankle, therefore easier to wear with skirts for me (as my ankles are reasonably narrow so I don't want to cover this bit too much). I think the higher they come up the trickier it will be for me. Not to mention do you need to be all edgy to pull off the DMs? Cos I ain't. There were some shorter looking ones I saw in Clarks - can't remember what they were called. Taylor Shine? Phenia Crescent? Pita Sedona? Taylor Storm - these are different with a couple of buckles on - not sure if a bit blokey though. Not sure if I could do with skirts. Oh blimey, here I am back at full price Clerks...was supposed to be looking for a bargain!

RabbitIsRich Wed 19-Aug-15 21:20:38

Nooooo they are not! I have a pair of KG Chelsea boots that I will never stop wearing.

TheVeryThing Thu 20-Aug-15 09:15:05

Zara girls section have these tan ones that look like they don't come up too high.
they also have a black pair and I've been looking at these brown one in the boys section, but the sole might be too chunky.
Next are usually good as well but I haven't checked them out yet.

TheHappinessTrap Thu 20-Aug-15 10:27:56

I want to like Chelsea boots, and have ordered a pair off the back of this thread to see how they look, but when I last had a pair they were black and made me feel like I was wearing the lower half of a start trek costume. I will try new ones with jeans and cords instead of black trousers.

Trumpton Thu 20-Aug-15 13:35:47

Ahem I am 63 and wear the Dr Marten Flora in cherry red ( Oxblood ) I really love them .

LokisLover Thu 20-Aug-15 15:01:38

Great I've just ordered a pair of the hudson boots in black! But they were a real bargain plus it already feels like autumn anyway so why not. I'm hoping to style them more like this

FelixFelix Thu 20-Aug-15 15:12:06

I'm just looking at the Hudson boots now as I'm in the market for some new chelsea boots! They are a good price.

I love the Dr Martens ones but are they ridiculously chunky?

LokisLover Thu 20-Aug-15 15:29:10

These ones?
I think it depends what you wear them with. I've got skinny ankles so the chunkier ones would look a bit stupid on me! Agree with someone above who said the Dr Martin ones wouldn't be so great with super skinny jeans.

But that said I don't think they are ridiculously chunky at all. And if you love them who cares.

FelixFelix Thu 20-Aug-15 15:49:10

Sorry I'm on the app so can't see your picture! I like the Flora ones in either cherry red or black. I always buy a cheap pair every year so was considering spending more on DM's as I know they would last. Not sure if black is a more sensible idea to get more wear out of them? The red ones are so lovely though!

I don't have particularly skinny ankles so they should be ok for me grin I don't tend to wear boots with jeans anyway, more dresses and tights.

Millymollymama Thu 20-Aug-15 17:08:45

There are some good quality ones at Gap - the shiny black ones. Not too expensive if they have a promotion on. They can definitely be dressed up or down.

echt Thu 20-Aug-15 20:59:16

As fas as I'm concerned, Chelsea boots have never been out, though being in Australia, it's Blunnies and RM Williams.

jellyjiggles Fri 21-Aug-15 02:59:28

I've heard you need to size up with Asos shoes. Also on the hunt!

FelixFelix Sat 22-Aug-15 17:20:25

I bought the Dr Martens 'Flora' boots today. Got the black ones. The cherry red are nice but black is more practical. They are lovely, would highly recommend!!

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