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Voluma filler in London

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Mcmcmcmc Mon 06-Jul-15 00:15:13

Can anyone recommend a doctor or clinic to go to for Voluma filler on cheeks?
It is going to be my very first experience with fillers, so I am keen to go to a good person/place.
I have done some research online, but it is difficult to know whether a doctor or a clinic are really good or if they just have a nice looking website... confused
Nobody I know has had facial fillers, so I can't ask around...
As far as I know the prices go from £400 (sk:n clinic) to around £600 (most other places). Is the sk:n clinic dodgy or something? I don't know how they can charge £200 less for this particular filler...

pinkfrocks Mon 06-Jul-15 08:45:19

Dr Tracy Mountford in Wimpole St has won many awards and is regarded by many as the best. I am told by friends that her work is very subtle and she charges around £600. You are paying for the best, which means good clinical training (she was an anaethsetist) and an artist's eye.
You won't just go in and ask for Voluma- she evidently uses whatever is the right product for what you need- might be Juvaderm, Perlane, restylane etc- look at her website - the Cosmetic Skin Clinic.

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