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prom dress plea

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portlyinpurple Mon 15-Jun-15 13:23:06

It's really late in the day (prom in less than a fortnight) but I wondered if anyone could recommend where to go to buy a dress for a sixteen year old who's still pretty much in tomboy mode? Her out of school gear is another uniform - skinny jeans, Vans, grey hoodies/tee shirts. She's 5'5" and slim with the flat chest that goes with it. She's never been interested in clothes/grooming but she knows what she doesn't like.....
Advice too if anyone has it on what to do with her long thick hair that's normally tied back in a ponytail?? She's got a really heavy fringe that she wears to the side but it totally overshadows her face...good for hiding behind but not much else. Will get it done at the hairdressers on the day.
She's not been giving the whole prom thing very much thought but with her last GCSE imminent she can't put it off any longer.
Would really welcome your ideas/advice! Thanks in advance

Pantsalive Mon 15-Jun-15 16:16:40

Why don't you get her to start by having a look through ASOS? They have all sorts of dresses on there, including several of the high street chains. Then you could either order a few to try on or head into town, having got more of an idea on what she likes. How about something like this?

What's the budget and what colours does she like, when not wearing grey hoodie?

portlyinpurple Wed 17-Jun-15 01:26:42

Thanks for your reply pantsa...have bookmarked it to show her..I like it - we'll see what she reckons.
When she's not in grey she's in red or black...budget for dress about that price or a bit more.
Will keep looking, thanks again

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