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I want to get a makeover at a beauty counter, which should I go to?

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sparkdoor Fri 05-Jun-15 10:27:39

I'm looking to buy some new makeup and get a bit of advice there. I'm 27 and have quite bad skin at the moment (pregnancy related), but generally have a bit of scarring and redness from teenage acne. My skin is my main concern. I currently don't wear much makeup at all but want to look more put together and feel more confident. I wear ester lauder double wear for a night out and sometimes wear lily lolo powder foundation during the day. The ester lauder is too thick for daytime wear and eventually settles into lines and pores etc and the powder foundation doesn't give enough coverage over my redness,so my skin looks kind of ruddy and unclear. Any foundation I wear seems to highlight flaky skin on and around my nose. I exfoliate but it is still always there, despite my skin being far more oily than dry. I just want to look healthy and pretty. Which counter should I go to? Do you have to book ahead? Is there any obligation to buy the products they use on you? I find many of the women at makeup counters to be intimidating and have occasionally felt sneered at cos I usually look such a mess!

Ishoos Fri 05-Jun-15 10:42:14

I'd suggest trying a few! You could do one a week for a few weeks and then decide which products to buy. I had a makeover at the weekend with YSL, lady was lovely but I didn't buy anything straight away as wanted to see if I reacted to any of it. (Years ago I had a Channel makeover , bought loads of stuff and couldn't useany of it as it brought me out in a rash!) why not go any chat to some of the people on the counters and see if there's one that you like? Or one that you like how they look?

DarrellRiversGlintingEye Fri 05-Jun-15 10:46:28

The thing is, with a lot of makeup counters, the people working on there aren't 'proper' makeup artists - they obviously have knowledge about the products, but they're not necessarily experts at applying it (some are very good.) I've had really good experiences with MAC (who I think do use trained MUAs), Armani, and various counters in Space NK. There is no obligation to buy, I find a good way to avoid any pressure selling is to state that you're just interested in trying it first, then will come back at a later date if you're happy.

thinkfast Fri 05-Jun-15 10:52:25

Bobbi brown - highly recommend

Nettletheelf Fri 05-Jun-15 12:13:05

I second Bobbi Brown. I've never looked so good as I did after the makeover (or since!)

burnishedsilver Fri 05-Jun-15 13:26:05

Mac and Benefit made me look like a drag queen. If you're after something more natural I'd suggest somewhere like clinique or lancome.
I haven't tried bobbi Brown.

gonegrey56 Fri 05-Jun-15 13:27:26

Bobbi Brown - the best...just book beforehand so that you are expected.

omnishambles Fri 05-Jun-15 13:29:20

I've found the Clinique foundations make me breakout massively and that am far too pale skinned for Bobbi Brown - it comes out too yellowy orange on me.

Can you go to a proper beauty place for bare minerals?

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