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Make me over....

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Waywarddaughter Mon 25-May-15 19:50:04

I turn 35 this year....I've got a couple of toddlers and am carrying an extra 4 stone....I've got a crap bob and I thought I'd liven up my greying mid brown barnet by home colouring a copper red....this was a mistake as it's too 'warm' for my colouring. I look a good 5 years older than I am and am a complete frump. Pre kids I was just as fat but I had found my style niche of tea dresses and cardies....harder to sport now I'm bending down all the time chasing the kids. I spent £200 on new clothes a few months ago but have no proper matching outfits, no style, my hair is me find 'me' again ??? What steps can I take/where do I start?!

parsnipcrisps Mon 25-May-15 21:14:44

I'd start with hitting a good hairdresser and have a good consultation re colour and cut - don't forget to factor in effort/time required to style your new do. Go get a couple of great bras from somewhere that will fit you properly (I use a great independent shop but hear great things about bravissimo).

Since having kids I tend to live in jeans or jeggings with blouse or jersey top and blazer. Shoes are usually trainers, pointed flats or sandals. You can easily dress it up for nights out with statement jewellery. For work I rotate tailored trousers with blouses/tops and shift dresses.
Actually I'm obviously in a total style rut too so don't listen to me blush
What about booking in with a personal shopper, they do all the leg work for you. Or plan a shopping day with a good friend whose style you admire, make a day of it. You could do some homework by looking online, find pieces you like and see what they're paired with. Have fun!

Waywarddaughter Tue 26-May-15 07:42:06

Thanks parsnip, I think a personal shopper could be a v good idea. I instinctively go towards things I would have bought 5/10 years ago and need to move on. A fresh pair of eyes would be nice. Do you have to buy?
Bras I at least don't have to worry about as I've not been 'blessed' in that department!
I definitely need to shift the weight as I look dreadful in anything but I'd like to at least find a few outfits that I feel good in to give me the confidence to bother making the effort, if you see what I mean.
I have v little time and funds for hair but I'll go for a consultation with a reputable salon near work.
Can short hair work on a v fat face ( thinking of cutting the crap colour out....) or will the double chin being exposed depress me beyond belief?!?

CycleChic Tue 26-May-15 08:43:40

A good haircut will help loads, short hair can be made to flatter you rather than highlighting the chins, and you can redye a better shade after 4 weeks
Re you tea dress + cardi look, why don't you add leggings under for decency?

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