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HoC Gamine Ingenue Jewel Winter ... jewellery and scarves help please

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AsBrightAsAJewel Sun 24-May-15 08:02:51

I've just about cracked my wardrobe, but now see I really need to up my game with accessories.
Shoes are all tied up by what I can wear with my back and foot problems. I'm really not in to handbags so have basic black and navy ones that fits all my HoC criteria. But it is jewellery and scarves I need help with;
I am petite (but "curvy") and need small scale neat but slightly quirky jewellery. I've looked in various shops and just can't find anything I like (that I can afford!) so can anyone make any suggestions please? I'm really not in to much in the way of bling.
I've also been browsing pinterest and polyvore and many of the outfit sets seem to have a scarf. I was recommended to wear mine long and tied low, rather than the looped round the neck style. Again I'm struggling to find small scale prints or plains that are the right shape for summer outfits.

BearPear Sun 24-May-15 08:50:27

if you are gamine I wouldn't have thought that long, loopy scarves would be right? I have a bright red small square scarf that I tie close to the neck, in fact I'm on the lookout for more of the same in different colours - eBay is good for such things, and cheap so you can have a play. Have you looked in the supermarkets for pieces of jewellery? It can be a bit hit & miss but you can sometimes pick up something nice.

AsBrightAsAJewel Sun 24-May-15 09:35:58

I agree with your thoughts about the scarves. That is the bit I am trying to still get my head round; the advice I was given for body shape after the consultant had done all the measurements and studied me in my underwear blush doesn't tie up with my actual style too easily in my mind. I am overweight with lots of flab around my midriff so that part was about that and balancing the four heights of my body - but all the gamine ideas I've seen on pinterest, etc. are for petite, slim, boyish figures. The same goes for belts. I think that's why I haven't bothered with either scarves or belts yet.

QueenCardigan Sun 24-May-15 10:12:32

Hi asbright. Presumably you're an ingenue with gamine traits. So instead of dressing like a typical gamine you can just take aspects of that style and add it in to your outfit. If you don't like scarves/belts then don't wear them. Maybe add in quirkiness with jewellery instead. Have you looked at etsy?

QueenCardigan Sun 24-May-15 10:15:16

just a vague example

AsBrightAsAJewel Sun 24-May-15 12:18:27

Thank you! I'd never thought of etsy. The elephant necklace was similar to something she showed me on the day, so that is probably on the right track.

I'm not convinced which is my dominant, but the consultant did mention Gamine when we first decided on my style type, then add "some Ingénue", so I assume I am dominant Gamine with some softer Ingénue aspects. Does that sound right?

I always feel I ought to be wearing scarves and / or belts and they would add to my "interest points score", but I've never been happy with the types recommended for me, so yes, I think I'll just leave them. I was checking my style day booklet and working out how I can add enough interest as at the moment I struggle to get out of the "Underdressed" score.

QueenCardigan Sun 24-May-15 17:30:44

I'm ingenue natural and it was explained to me that I'm a natural with ingenue traits. So therefore my main style is natural ie I like to be comfortable but i need the added interest of feminine detailing to look my best. If I go completely natural in just tee and jeans I feel scruffy but swap the plain tee for one with pin tucks and add some delicate jewellery and I definitely feel more me. I don't really bother with the scoring system as I'd probably feel overdressed if i did it every day. If I'm going out I like to add interest with nail polish or add in a coloured bracelet to my silver ones.

AsBrightAsAJewel Sun 24-May-15 17:46:08

That makes sense - when we discussed what I was wearing to my style day the consultant said small touches like the pin-tucks on the blouse I was wearing that day or something lacy under a jacket would be good.
I'll probably ignore the interest score! My job doesn't really lend itself to all the extras and I rarely go out.

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