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Best budget primer?

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squigglehead Sat 16-May-15 22:59:05

I've always had trouble with my makeup smudging below my eyes (into the creases) but its getting worse the older I get and especially now that I moisturise in the mornings (didn't used to have to!). Setting with powder used to stop it but now it won't... I get loads of goop in the corners of my eyes too hmm

I don't look as awful as all of that makes it sound, I promise grin it is annoying though! I'm very pale and the slightest smudge is noticeable.

On a normal day I use:
Nivea Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream (SPF15)
Lush Jackie Oates Colour Supplement (needs to be used on top of the moisturiser to act like a BB cream)
Lush Emotional Brilliance Loose Powder
Kohl Pencil (Rimmel or Barry M)
Maybelline Mascara (currently the yellow one)

I add eye shadow and liquid eyeliner when I have the time but that stays out, its the mascara and kohl I have issues with. Is primer even what I need??

Please help me oh wise and put -together ones! flowers

squigglehead Sat 16-May-15 22:59:46

*stays put

AldiQ7 Sat 16-May-15 23:16:03

Urban decay do this spray called 'all nighter' or something similar which is supposed to be amazing for setting make up - I have bough it but not tried it yet, but it's supposed to be very good. It's 9 quid for a smallish bottle but I imagine that would last a while.

In terms of actual primer, I used lanacane anti chafing gel (thanks mumsnet!) which is supposed to be exactly the same as smashbox primer but only about 3 pounds. It makes a lovely smooth base and my make up stays pretty well, although I have been using double wear lately which sticks to your face like shit on a shovel anyway!

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