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middle aged bride - have dress, shoe ideas please

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whymonty Fri 15-May-15 13:25:07

Any ideas please smile

Here's the dress, it's a Tadashi Shoji Asymmetrical Ruched Mesh Gown in indigo from | Nordstrom:

I'm going to change into white jeans and a nice top in the evening - to be able to dance to a live rock bank in the pub reception.

I do have very skinny feet and sturdy ankles, as ong as they fit I can mosh in medium heels or high wedges.

Thank you

FauxFox Fri 15-May-15 17:48:20

turquoise snake
or spend up at NAP
miu miu

ImperialBlether Fri 15-May-15 17:51:27

Very nice - you will have a Pippa Middleton rear view!

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