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Grey hairs are driving me mad

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cuntyMcCunterson Sun 03-May-15 21:12:47

I'm 32, have dark brown hair but the grey is taking over.
My hair grows fairly quickly and that, along with colour fade (semi permanent) means I have pretty bad roots after about 3weeks.
My hairdresser insists on dying it drown with red undertones. My hair is quite a neutral brown rather than red so I'm not loving the redness.
Would going lighter help? I have blue/green eyes, and I'm quite fair skinned but do tan. My hair was coloured 23 days ago and it's in desperate need of attention already.

cuntyMcCunterson Sun 03-May-15 21:14:48

Pics to give an idea

birkiekid Sun 03-May-15 21:18:35

I had the same predicament. My hair is dark brown and the greys were really starting to show. I had been using a semi permanent colour but the greys in my parting were showing within a couple of weeks.

I was at the hairdresser yesterday and they advised permanent colour on the roots and through the sides but semi on the back and through the length.

I went with the suggestion and am interested to see how it works out.

This way I still get the warmer colour and shine through my hair without the damage of an all over permanent.

Greenstone Sun 03-May-15 21:20:15

I've booked an appointment next week to go lighter for just this reason. My greys are at my temples as opposed to parting line but same story. I know lighter will not suit my colouring as well but the maintenance of dark brown is too much. And I'm just not up for embracing the grey yet ( am around your age OP).

Kennington Sun 03-May-15 21:27:16

I use a lighter brown permanent dye once a month myself and also do highlights from time to time
Charles worthington does a brown hair spray that I use in between which is great for roots

birkiekid Sun 03-May-15 21:34:17

I was thinking of trying the root spray Kennington but am wondering is it similar to dry shampoo as I've had a bad reaction to two different brands of that.

Hangingonathread333 Sun 03-May-15 21:37:47

I'm 33 and mine is a lot worse sad, I colour mine quite a lot but within days it is back.

cuntyMcCunterson Sun 03-May-15 22:06:44

I have a permanent dye in a better colour match to my natural colour so might give that a whirl and see if it lasts longer., failing that I might end up a blonde
My mum was pretty grey at my age so I'm blaming her and DH for my grey.

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