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Help me to decide which colour shoes to choose!

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Petal02 Wed 18-Feb-15 18:18:10

Can't decide whether to go for the pink suede (could be hard to keep clean?) or the silver (which might be a bit too bling?) -which shade does everyone think would be the most versatile for spring/summer? I've got a 20% discount voucher!

Petal02 Wed 18-Feb-15 18:32:19

Or maybe I'll order both pairs, make a decision, then send the other pair back?

AddToBasket Wed 18-Feb-15 18:39:30

Silver! The pink aren't really pink and will look dirty v quickly. The silver are very zingy and will pep up whatever you wear them with.

Macloveswill Wed 18-Feb-15 18:52:41

Ditto silver....look much edgier

Petal02 Wed 18-Feb-15 19:24:39

These are nice too (in the silver) or do people prefer the Boden option?

AddToBasket Wed 18-Feb-15 19:55:33

Go for the Boden - a bit classier but not trying too hard

Petal02 Wed 18-Feb-15 20:08:02

I've just ordered the silver Boden shoes - thanks ladies!

BikeRunSki Wed 18-Feb-15 20:15:32

I see you've ordered, but silver! I love silver shoes. Neutral yet edgy.

Petal02 Wed 18-Feb-15 20:26:16

The £10 discount voucher, plus a further 20% discount and free delivery was quite an incentive! Boden clearly know how to get people shopping!

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