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Getting your hair done at a College salon?

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VodkaValiumLattePlease Fri 23-Jan-15 21:25:39

Anyone had any experiences of getting your hair done at a college salon?

Moneys a bit tight at the moment and my hair looks a state!


MamaLazarou Fri 23-Jan-15 21:31:03

I had mine done at the Vidal Sassoon academy a few years ago and it was a fairly decent cut but they took all afternoon about it.

My husband went to Alan D on Smithfield st (£5 for women, £2.50 for men) and it's the best haircut he has ever had!

IvyMay Fri 23-Jan-15 21:41:54

I've done it and it's fine. Caveats are;

It takes ages - much longer than normal appointment
My hair is straight and thick and I've only done it for easy styles - the sort where you just want a trim, not a whole new set of layers putting in or anything
Where I go there are 2 "grades” of trainees - not sure how long the courses are but the equivalent of either a first year trainee or second year trainee - it's only a little more expensive for the second year one and I've always gone for that.

I don't use them anymore - have found a great local hairdresser who is reasonably priced and much prefer to use her. But having said that, the cuts I got from the college were perfectly fine, especially when I couldn't justify spending much on "luxuries"

mynameissecret Fri 23-Jan-15 21:58:16

I got mine done at a college last year. Got a third year who had been hairdressing for 4 years before going to college, for a full restyle. Best hair cut I've ever had! Also the only place I've ever been that they've not looked scared when I've said do what you want!!

DeanKoontz Fri 23-Jan-15 21:59:52

Agree with pp.

Takes all day but best haircut I've ever had.

CatsClaus Fri 23-Jan-15 22:07:27

yes..takes all bleeding morning, but they are well supervised and usually a bit too scared to be chatty

try to get the second years if you want highlights/foils, just as they usually have real jobs too and are fact you can often get a colour and a trim with them

but do check the prices, our local college are very reasonable, I once paid the princely sum of £17...dd and I both went, cut blow dry each, she had a temp colour and i had two colour, full head highlights

a friend in the next county used to pay a good deal more £30 I think for a cut and full colour. and still be sat there all morning

samesizetoes Fri 23-Jan-15 22:16:37

I've often found that the students and their tutors will listen to you and try to stick to your instructions rather than a stylist at a regular salon doing what they think you should have as opposed to what you actually asked for.

I've used 4-5 different colleges over the years and always happy with the result, even if it does a little longer than usual.

mandy214 Fri 23-Jan-15 22:23:01

Have been doing this for a while - in fact I've been today! There are 2 different grades of trainees - 2nd years and 3rd years. They often work 3 or 4 days in a salon, and then one day in college.

You are right though that it takes a long time, but I was supplied with coffee and magazines throughout. I had half a head of highlights (although its more like a full head they put so many foils through it) and a fab cut. £24. My appointment was 9.45 and I was done at 13.45. So 4 hours. But I am a mother of 3. I never get any time to sit and just read or make chit chat with a lovely bloke (who gave me a fab head massage too) so what's not to like smile?

VodkaValiumLattePlease Fri 23-Jan-15 22:33:34

Oh I don't mind it taking a while! Especially with a nice brew

The salon near me does either apprentice or graduate so I think I'm going to go for the graduate option.

Thanks all!

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