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Losing weight. Want to start browsing for some new clothes....where to start?

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DoItTooJulia Sat 17-Jan-15 08:36:24

I'm tall (6ft), I've lost 3 stone so far, and I'm hoping to lose another 3 by the summer. I also have size 43 feet, so shoes are an issue too.

I need some new work clothes: black trousers and tops, semi smart, but I'm a food inspector, so my clothes can get dirty and smelly so nothing expensive or posh.

But, I want to start thinking about summer. I reckon I'll need a 14, maybe a 16. I want to look a bit trendy! I have nice legs, hate my middle section. Any ideas of what to look out for? Where to shop? Styles?

I can't wait to bin my black leggings!

nequidnimis Sat 17-Jan-15 12:00:23

Have you thought about booking a session with a stylist at a big department store?

I had a lovely afternoon in John Lewis about six months ago. The stylist didn't know I'd recently lost 5 stone and couldn't understand why I still kept referring to myself as overweight!

She brought me rails and rails of clothes that I wouldn't have considered by myself and I eventually settled on about four outfits, and also a better idea of what looks I liked and what styles suited my new shape.

Pregnantagain7 Sat 17-Jan-15 13:25:55

Wow well done on your weight lose!

I'm in a similar situation I've just had my fourth baby and am in process of loosing the weight have lost 1 and a half stone and have 3 to go (was still fat from dc3 when I got pregnant again!)

I've bought some things from h and m as I don't really want to spend loads and also rather a lot from the hush sale. I'm not sure if these places would be smart enough for you though but possibly worth a look. smile

DoItTooJulia Sat 17-Jan-15 13:38:11

The weight loss still feels a bit surreal and I still have a mountain to climb in terms of what I still need to lose.

That's why I'm trying to think about some nice clothes to aim for....keep my motivation up.

I usually shop at the supermarket, TK max or M and S, largely because they do long lengths in bigger sizes. I want to shop for something I want, not buy clothes because they'll fit and I have no choice. H and M is a good call, I'll check them out.

Would never have thought of a stylist, I still think of my self as massively overweight and imagine I will continue to do after its all gone: 5 stones is amazing nequid how did you do it?

nequidnimis Sat 17-Jan-15 17:21:55

I'm not sure how I did it when I look back now - took about 10 months, lots of sessions at the gym, My Fitness Pal and roughly following the Slimming World eating plan at home.

And I know what you mean by surreal. So odd to be shopping and able to buy anything, rather than the thing that will look alright in the right light while squintinggrin

I would seriously recommend a stylist - they will introduce you to looks you'd never considered, and I certainly didn't experience any hard selling. She kept telling me there was no obligation to buy, and obviously you can return items if you try them at home and change your mind.

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