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Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot To Handle Hobo Bag

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ThreeBecameFour Sat 10-Jan-15 11:25:18

My v kind DH has bought me a lovely bag for my 40th birthday. I have never owned an expensive bag like this before. It is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot to Handle Hobo Bag in brown. Has anyone else got this? How does it wear? Are you happy with the quality? I usuallly don't like anything over the top, my tastes are usually simple and classic. This fits the bill on the expensive bag front as the name label is on the smaller side etc. What do people think of Marc Jacobs bags/quality? I want to make sure I take care of it and that being thoroughly spoilt does not go to waste. It is lovely smile !

PeachandBlack Sat 10-Jan-15 11:34:30

I've got a MBMJ Natasha and I love it. I've used it daily each winter for about 4 years. I don't really take care of it though and treat it like any other bag but it still looks nice.

I did have another MBMJ bag that I put down on a fresh painted surface and then tried to remove the white paint streaks with nail polish remover blush. That one doesn't look so good.

MilkThistle187 Sat 10-Jan-15 11:45:32

I have your bag in red, I use it a lot and it's in very good condition, no signs of wear. I love it smile

MegMogandOwlToo Sat 10-Jan-15 16:46:22

I got this for Christmas, so can't really comment yet, but I have a 4 year old hillier hobo in black that has been used loads, and it's in almost new condition.

MBMJ bags wear really well, I love them!

honeycrest Sat 10-Jan-15 16:49:21

I have your bag in black. I got it in August and after lots of use (using it daily for weeks at a time) it still looks almost as good as new.

leedy Sat 10-Jan-15 17:06:50

I've been using a MBMJ Luna Messenger bag every day this winter and it still looks great, the quality is lovely.

Macloveswill Sat 10-Jan-15 17:12:11

I have an MH oversized's 3 years old (and goes on most evenings out) but still looks as good as new. It's a beaut! Nice pressie btw grin

Macloveswill Sat 10-Jan-15 17:13:01

MJ not MH

Cranagh Sat 10-Jan-15 17:21:36

I have two MbMJ Natasha bags, great quality, good leather, wearing well. Happy birthday!

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